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Are you someone who suffers from Fear or Anxiety? When you go out, do you experience feelings of self-doubt, maybe even self-hatred, shyness? What about other negative thoughts, such as nervousness or a lack of confidence? Do you overthink about social situations or filter yourself around people? How about being unable to think of things to say to new people? Listen, I get it, this is what I call “The Fear”, and these anxieties affect most of us daily. They have a profound effect on your self-expression and creativity. They have a profound effect on your ability to let go and have fun in new and familiar environments. They make you afraid to put yourself out there, afraid of sticking out, of being judged, of being rejected... But the real question is to what extent is your fear affecting YOU? Have you ever said...

  • "I'm afraid of getting rejected..."

  • "I'm afraid of talking to someone I find attractive..."

  • "I'm afraid of not knowing what to say..."

  • "I'm afraid of not being enough..."

  • "I'm afraid of asking questions in a class or meeting..."

  • "I'm afraid of looking stupid or being judged by other people..."

  • "I'm afraid of sharing my ideas or creativity with the world..."

  • "I'm afraid of failing or trying..."

  • ...Whatever it is THE FEAR 2.0 is going to help you MASTER THAT FEAR

Would You Like To Learn...

  • How To Confidently Start Conversations With New People While Being Yourself

  • How To Be Able To Handle All Types Of Rejection

  • How To Create Real, Genuine Confidence At Your Core, That People Can Feel Radiating From You

  • How To Be More Comfortable With Confrontation

  • How To Be A More Attractive Person & Understand What Makes People Attracted Other Than Looks, Status & Money

  • How To Have An Unshakable Belief In Yourself

  • How To Master Anxiety & Conquer Social Inhibitions

  • How To Confidently Share Your Thoughts & Ideas

  • How To Feel Fantastic With Yourself & Gain A New Level Of Self Awareness

  • How To Stop Obsessive Overthinking & Fantasizing About Situations & Scenarios

Take control.

With our advanced transformational education

  • Identity Level Change

    This course is designed to make core level identity changes to your self-esteem and confidence. With our unique methodology,​ you will find yourself experiencing a new found freedom and see real-world results in your interactions with others.

  • Tailored Learning

    With over 5 hours of lectures, 160 page eBook, PDF worksheets, Stage Challenges & step by step practices, you'll have the tools you need to succeed.

  • Full Support

    Stuck on something particular, or have questions? We're here to help you on your journey. Once inside you'll have access to our discussion panel, email support and accountability groups!

  • Video Challenges

    Each stage comes with its own video challenge. These are actions you can start applying daily that supercharge your results. Justin teaches you clear step by step instructions and examples on how to complete the challenges. As well as infield hidden camera footage of Justin completing the challenges himself, so you can see exactly how it's done in the real world.

  • Awareness Training Audio

    It's within these lectures that individuals start to experience deep core level change to their psychologies and biological experience of the world. This content is "Psycho-Active" meaning that just by listening to the philosophies and lectures alone will start to cause change. Without having to meditate for hours, or memorize the ideas and strategies within.

  • 30 Minute Coaching Session

    Included in your purchase is a personal 1 on 1 coaching session with Justin Quinton. During your session, you can ask questions or get insight on your particular​ challenges


Check out these additional resources included in your course access!

  • The Confidence Blueprint Bonus Course

    This lecture series will teach you the fastest way to get true lasting confidence. What actually builds confidence and why most confidence building “solutions” fail. How to be confident regardless of looks, money or status. As well as why your confidence seems to fluctuate in life.

  • Advanced Bonus Lectures

    We are constantly adding new advanced content. Once inside you will have consistent access to our growing collection of new lectures. These lectures touch on everything from social media to workplace conflicts. All of which will help you keep sharp on the topic while up to date with the latest insights on our confidence research.

  • Join The Party

    Gain access to our private mastermind and support groups, where we share success stories and hold each other accountable. You'll also receive invitations to exclusive Q&A training webinars.

Course Curriculum

  • 3


    • The What Part 1

    • Psychological Homeostasis Graph

    • The What Part 2

    • Stage 2 Challenge

  • 4


    • The How

    • Emotional State Graph

    • Stage 3 Challenge

    • Stage 3 Worksheet

  • 5


    • You Vs. Yourself Part 1 Core Confidence Conditioning

    • You Vs. Yourself Part 2 Core Confidence Conditioning

    • Stage 4 Challenge

    • Stage 4 Worksheet

  • 6


    • You Vs. Others

    • Stage 5 Finished

  • 7


    • You Vs Society

    • Stage 6 Challenge

  • 8


    • The Final Points

    • Stage 7 Challenge

    • Congratulations

  • 9

    The Confidence Blueprint Bonus Course

    • The Confidence Blueprint Basics Part 1

    • The Confidence Blueprint Basics Part 2

    • The Confidence Blueprint Basics Part 3

    • The Confidence Blueprint Social Strategies

    • The Confidence Blueprint Cultural Strategies

    • The Confidence Blueprint Psychological Strategies

    • The Confidence Blueprint Behavioural Strategies

    • The Confidence Blueprint Conclusion

  • 10

    Advanced Bonus Lectures

    • So you're going back to school and feel anxious...

    • What Can You Give?

    • How To Stop Caring About What Others Think Of You

    • 3 Tricks For Confidence

    • How To Logically Remove Fear

    • How To Logically Remove Fear

  • 11

    Your One On One Coaching Session

    • Schedule Your Session

Hear what our graduates are saying


by Daniel Frederic

"Just completed Justin's course and wow - I am completely blown away! So much valuable content and takeaways, a life-changer! As someone with a history of shyness and social anxiety, I implemented his challenges in my job and they worked, 1% closer to long-lasting confidence. Thanks Justin for your abundant generosity and I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to break free from routine and their comfort zone to experiencing a life of rich of emotional freedom!!!"


Irena Yordanova

Great course I strongly recommend in understanding the science of fear and confidence. I've studied social psychology and was looking for a more blending take, which this course provided. What brought me to it was a work situation where I needed to overcome challenges of connection... ...I really liked the in-depth neuro-scientific approach, and not some fluffy motivational stuff. When you understand the 'why' of fear, action (whatever that translates for your situation) is a no-brainer. It's presented in a very simple digestible form, which is easy to understand and apply. Lots of truth and fun too. The book material is extremely valuable, with sincere thanks to Justin for putting together that huge piece of work!! This is a high-value course I would strongly encourage people to take, from any walk of life, as the lessons are life-relevant and applicable in a far broad range of situations. Thanks for this quality knowledge, Justin! It really added value to me.


Timothy Leeson

Justin takes a neuroscience approach mixed with his own philosophical perspective. As a masters student in psychology, I was very skeptical and critically focused when starting, but Justin is extremely charismatic and knowledgeable on the topic. He uses his passion and talent in a way to help people "install" a framework of thinking and behaving that allows for individuals​ to make the changes they desire in their lives. This all said, and with all of my previous critical skepticism taken into account, Mr. Quinton's content is truly impressive by not only an intellectual standard but also production and presentation standards too. I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about growth in their life, and not just with confidence or anxiety.


Aiyana Reyes

Justin is actually pushing me to become​ the best me I can be. I feel empowered and look forward to doing the challenges. Very pleased with this course. Thank you.


Ted Hughes

Fantastic content! I've been through a lot of confidence training courses and anxiety reduction programs and this is by far the best content on the market. I'm actually surprised at the price of this course, I've paid over 1k for much less. Very happy with my purchase, thank you, Justin! I've already been seeing results in my life excited to continue rewatching the lectures!


Andrew Bynum

"Initially being skeptical and analyzing every word in the first few videos, the realization of how systematized and supreme in its logic these videos are has finally hit me. You can tell that a lot points made here are not just copied from other tutorials (just like it is in a scientific world), but rather come through long and hard self-analysis, and therefore HIT THE SPOT. I typically end up with a few sentences of quality notes per course, but have already way over a page or two now. And this comment is coming from a guy far from average, if this helps you assess the genius behind these videos. 6 stars."

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