Are You Actually Productive?

Productivity is essential to achieving the life you want. Yet most people waste years of their lives spinning their wheels trying to “catch up” or “get ahead” only to find themselves in the same place or with very little improvement. This is a common frustration found by most people because of the rising expectations in today's workplaces, society, and social media. As a culture, we’re expected to access more productivity and perform at higher levels than ever before just to compete. The reality of the fact is that nobody taught us how to increase productivity or how to optimize our lives to accomplish our goals. Most people are unaware of why they can't get ahead in life. This then leads to feelings of frustration, depression and even self-hate. Is this sounding familiar?

  • Have you ever been frustrated with yourself for failing to take action on your goals?

  • Or so overwhelmed with stress that the thought of gathering up the energy to exercise or work on your passions seemed impossible?

  • Do you beat yourself up for getting distracted by social media, or not being productive enough on things you should be doing?

  • Are you just “too busy” to make time for the things that matter to you?

  • Too exhausted and unmotivated to take action?

  • Lack the focus or discipline to start or complete projects?

  • Unaware of how to use technology or strategies to maximize your efforts and productivity?

  • Feel burdened with disempowering emotions and thoughts?

  • Spend a ton of time “thinking” about what to do, but not actually taking action?

What Does It Mean To Be Optimized?

  • Imagine feeling a sense of control and pride in yourself as you grow and achieve your goals

  • Knowing you can access more productivity and performance more consistently

  • Waking up with more energy and passion to go after the things you want in life.

  • Being able to focus and harness your creativity to produce new and faster results

  • Having clarity in your direction, finally feeling accomplished as your goals progress and unfold before you

  • Getting back in your "prime" as you regain control of your energy, brain, and environment, while reaching new peaks

  • Understanding the truth & philosophy behind success and productivity so you can focus on what actually works

  • Gaining control over your emotions and mind so you can feel happier and more alert throughout the day

  • Learning to access more mental power so you become a super learner with laser focus

  • Designing your environment to produce more efficiency, creativity, and inspiration

Who Is This Course For?

This transformational course will help you build a powerful foundation for higher levels of productivity and performance in all areas of life. We've designed this course to help everyone from high achievers, looking for that next level. To those struggling with getting out of bed every morning. This is a collection of research from many different fields of study and philosophies on how to achieve more success and happiness in all areas. There truly is something for everyone in this life-changing course. So it's time to Optimize your life!

Inside You Will Find...

  • Info Packed Videos

    This course has over 70 video lectures containing applicable, condensed info, exposing you to the strategies and modern research of top performers and high achievers.

  • Additional Resources & Tools

    You'll have access to downloadable PDF's & Cheatsheets with additional research, sources, and tools to help you optimize your productivity and life even more.

  • Full Support

    Stuck on something particular, or have questions? We're here to help you on your journey. Once inside you'll have access to our discussion panel, email support and accountability groups!

  • Advanced Bonus Lectures

    We are constantly adding new advanced content. Once inside you will have consistent access to our growing collection of new lectures. These lectures touch on everything from new technology to bio-hacking methods. All of which will help you keep sharp on the topic while up to date with the latest insights on our productivity and performance research.

  • VIP Access

    Gain access to our private mastermind and think-tanks, where we share success stories and strategies. You'll also receive invitations to exclusive Q&A training webinars.

  • 30 Minute Coaching Session

    Included in you're purchase is a personal 1 on 1 coaching session with Justin Quinton. During your session, you can ask questions or get insight on your particular​ challenges

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction & Principles

  • 2

    Stabilizing Emotions & Energy

    • Stabilizing Energy & Emotions Intro

    • Breathing Basics 1- How to improve focus, calm anxiety or panic & improve health

    • Breathing Basics 2- How to increase vitality, energy & health for productivity

    • Breathing Basics 3- Kick start your mornings with this, for optimal productivity

    • Hydration Systems 1- Water's role in performance & productivity. Hydration test

    • Hydration Systems 2- The best water you can drink to optimize hydration

    • Hydration Systems 3- How, when, and where to optimally keep hydrated

    • Nutrition Systems 1- Eating for maximum productivity and energy

    • Nutrition Systems 2- Digestion awareness and its role in energy and productivity

    • Nutrition Systems 3- How to "stick" to your diet & be addicted to eating healthy

    • Nutrition Systems 4- How to have more energy after meals, not less

    • Nutrition Systems 5- Hormone optimization for men, burn fat & build muscle

    • Body Systems 1- How to feel youthful with a body for productivity & performance

    • Body Systems 2- How to instantly boost your mood, health & productivity

    • Body Systems 3- How to increase sex drive, physical energy, and testosterone

    • Supplement Systems 1- Improving energy and health with supplements

    • Supplement Systems 2- The essential vitamin that improves emotions & immunity

    • Sleep Systems 1- How to live off of less sleep, and feel more refreshed

    • Sleep Systems 2- Tools & techniques to immediately get better sleep

    • Sleep Systems 3- How to increase the quality of your sleep for more productivity

    • Sleep Systems 4- How to avoid feeling groggy in the mornings

    • Sleep Systems 5- How to be a morning person! Strategies for waking up easier

  • 3

    Synthesizing Power & Performance for Productivity

    • The State Awareness Check System

    • State Awareness Wallpaper

    • Smart Drugs Introduction

    • Smart Drugs Systems 1- Your classic productivity drug

    • Smart Drugs Systems 2- Increase Wakefulness, Motivation, Alertness & Creativity

    • Smart Drugs Systems 3- Advanced drugs that are used for productivity by many

    • Tech Systems 1- How to use technology to increase productivity and performance

    • Tech Systems 2- The importance of technology when trying to get results

    • Tech Systems 3- How to accomplish more and free your mind for more productivity

    • Tech Systems 4- How to control your brain for more focus and productivity

    • Tech Systems 5- Quick trick to change your emotions to be more productive

    • Productivity Systems 1- Distractions, modern media and our productivity

    • Productivity Systems 2- How to read faster, while improving comprehension

    • Productivity Systems 3- How to learn more, without taking time out of your day

    • Productivity Systems 4- The big mistake most people make with productivity

    • Productivity Systems 5- Controlling distractions and technology for productivity

    • Productivity Systems 6- Keeping the "RAM" of your mind free for productivity

    • Productivity Systems 7- How to harness your ideas at effective times

    • Productivity Systems 8- How to drastically collapse time lines on your goals

    • Productivity Systems 9- How to find powerful teachers, tools and knowledge

    • Productivity System 10- Classic momentum trick for productivity

    • Resourcefulness 1- How resourcefulness is connected to productivity

    • Resourcefulness 2- Should you do it yourself or outsource it?

    • Resourcefulness 3- How to think more resourcefully to improve your life

  • 4

    Optimizing Your Creativity & Enviroment For Productivity

    • Introduction to optimizing your creativity and environment for productivity

    • Creative Systems 1- Understanding how to boost creativity for productivity

    • Creative Systems 2- Build an environment that promotes productivity & creativity

    • Creative Systems 3- The power of environment on your psychology & productivity

    • Environmental Systems 1- The best environmental system for productivity

    • Environmental Systems 2- How to bet on your best future

    • Environmental Systems 3- How to control your belongings for productivity

    • Environmental Systems 4- The power of "the clean slate"

    • Environmental Systems 5- How to apply these principles to your psychology

    • Environmental Systems 6- The maintenance of productivity

    • Environmental Systems 7- Purpose driven environments for optimal productivity

    • Environmental Systems 8- Further organizational systems and resources

    • Moving Forward

    • Closing Remarks and Congratulations

  • 5

    Your One On One Coaching Session

    • Schedule Your Coaching Session

See What Our Students Have To Say


Sam Kelten

Justin takes on a very large approach to productivity and teaches it from fundamentals view. Looking at all the different factors that make up the difference between naturally productive people versus not. He then teaches you what to do to become a person like this. I found his take very different but very useful as I am just only starting this journey but I can tell you this is going to be life-changing. Thank you!


Linda Mcgreger

Fantastic course, there are so many applicable suggestions within this. Im actually blown away by this course! would HIGHLY recommend!!


Ashley K

I initially found the course description vague, but very happy I went forward with this course. There's a brilliant logic to how its taught and its unlike anything I've ever gone through (I've studied a lot on business performance and productivity) and typically there's a lot of regurgitation with content. I found this course very unique and effective!


Erica L

I have to say, this is a brilliant course. The way it's structured, the high-quality production, the instructor's ability to keep me engaged, the actual information. I had like 3 pages of notes just from the beginning! 5 Stars!


Art Moore

This course contains a HUGE amount of actionable takeaways, typically when I go through most courses I maybe only get a few good tidbits of advice or actionable tricks but this is jammed packed. Thank you!


Clair Hughes

A high quality video with high quality content. I have been searching for insight on optimizing my life for many months. Justin opened my mind to things I wouldn't have even thought about before. Looking forward to more things from Justin!


Tatiana Melbourne

Justin really addresses some fundamental issues around why we struggle with productivity, I first thought this would be a course around time management, but it's really so much more. His approach to fixing low performance is not by just "doing more" but by identifying the areas in our life that are exhausting us the most and learning how to as he puts it "optimize". I found it very enlightening and I'm already applying what I can and seeing results. I would recommend this to anyone who struggles to stay on top of things in life or anyone looking for that next edge

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