Helping You, Help Others

With our Change Dynamics Coach Training

Learn how to transform individuals, couples, or strangers with our unique methodology. Whether you're an experienced mental health practitioner looking for new tools to use with your clients, or just starting out in your coaching practice. The Change Dynamics program contains its own powerful approach for facilitating change in any individual with any issue. Our philosophy can also be easily applied to businesses, communities, and families. This is the science of creating “ah-ha” moments. Get ready to understand yourself and others like never before with this transformational training.

During your life coach training you will...

  • Acquire a deep understanding of human nature, and the science of creating psychological change

  • Know exactly step by step how to assess and approach any client and create breakthrough transformations with them.

  • Learn how to create a loyal, grateful list of clients that swear by your practice and promote it to others.

  • Gain business and sales skills to help you acquire clients and better understand the industry

  • Finish with a sense of confidence in your ability to help people.

  • Get over your fears and insecurities around "not being ready" or "not qualified enough"

  • Identify and understand human development and growth with more clarity then most professionals

  • See a clear blueprint and step by step methodology for coaching anyone through any issue

Change Your Life Today,

By Choosing The Career Of Tomorrow

The information and techniques taught in Change Dynamics are unlike anything you will find in the market or taught in schools. What makes our philosophy unique is our honest, yet ethical look at what the worlds top salesmen, expert psychologists and even persuasive cult leaders use to change peoples perspectives, emotions, and beliefs. While our methodology is controversial, it is extremely effective and produces radical results that benefit the client when used in a therapeutic setting.

Inside Part 1

  • 2


    • How to feel ready and confident that you could coach anyone!

    • Spiral Dynamics - The Map Of Psychological Development & Your Map For Coaching

    • The Best Stage For A Coach To Be In

    • OPTIONAL Additional teaching and more in depth breakdown of Spiral Dynamics

    • How To Psychologically Evolve Yourself & Others

  • 3


  • 4


  • 5


    • The 8 Steps Of Change Dynamics

  • 6

    The Next Steps

    • Congratulations and Moving Forward With Your Coaching Practice

  • 7

    Part 2 Of Change Dynamics

    • 0-Course Trailer

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