Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire 3-Week Training Curriculum

Action Accelerator gives you the mindsets, tools, and techniques you need to double your action taking over the next three weeks.

You’ll discover how to get more done in a single hour than you have in weeks, without needing tons of willpower or extreme discipline.

And because you’ll be able to extract twice the value from every hour you get, you'll finally build up momentum on your goals that are tangible and real.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently at a 9-5 job, if you’re self-employed, or even if you’re running one or more businesses…

Take action on the knowledge you’ll gain in Action Accelerator and at the end of the 3 weeks you’ll wake up with a new sense of control over your life … you’ll greatly reduce any feelings of stress, anxiety, or overwhelm … and most importantly, you’ll have results for the things that matter to you.

3 Weeks Of Training

  • Daily Videos

    Action Accelerator helps you install critical habits that will transform your life for the better if you do them. Each day (excluding coaching call days) a video will be available to guide you through each step of the process.

  • Best Practice Q & A Access

    As you go through the training you'll have the ability to ask personalized questions each week and get feedback on best practices for your particular sticking points.

  • Support Tools

    Daily Challenges, Printable PDF Workbook, Bonus Advanced Lectures. How-to Tutorials on Business, Diet, & Direction. Plus Direct Email Support.

Week 1 - The Reset

You’ll discover how to clear your mental clutter, zap “energy robbers”, get closure on “open loops” in your life, and get out of the dangerous “Grey Zone.”

  • Learn how to free yourself from distractions and self sabotaging behaviour

  • Reboot your reward system so your naturally more motivated to go after what you want

  • Regain control of your focus and willpower so that your mind has fortress like strength against unproductive temptations

  • Understand how to "pull the trigger" when it counts, and stop missing opportunities

  • Week 1 Best Practices Coaching Call - Optimizing Your Brain and Body

Week 2 - Upgrading Your Inner Psychology

This week you’ll discover how to install personal success beliefs and really get it nailed down for maximum impact in your life

  • Remove limiting beliefs and install new empowering ones

  • Catch mental pitfalls and stop them from halting your action

  • Clarify your focus so you can access your "flow state" more frequently

  • You'll get a technique that removes the part of you that prevents success

  • Week 2 Best Practices Coaching Call - Greek God Will Power

Week 3 - Next Level Motivation

This week we explore the hidden elements that naturally produce motivation so we can backwards engineer it in our lives

  • Learn how to apply one of my most valuable concepts. This allows you to think of an outcome you want, and practically guarantee it’ll happen.

  • You'll be introduced to a concept known as Sexual Transmutation and how your sex drive can be harnessed.

  • Gain a practical way to utilize your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses.

  • Why most people fail to understand the ego and how to avoid its downfalls and optimize on its power.

  • Week 3 Best Practices Coaching Call - Action Without Effort

Bonus Tutorials

Included at the end of your enrolment in Action Accelerator are these powerful bonus tutorials to help you get results faster, fail less and work smarter.

How To Start A Side Business

This bonus tutorial is a case study where the concepts from Action Accelerator were used to build a local unrelated profitable side business in just a few months without any prior knowledge. Going from idea, to result. In it, you will learn the psychology behind how to access motivation to do things you're not skilled in. How to manage a fear of failure. While managing the emotions that come with financial risk.

Here’s what people are saying about Actualize Academy


“In the past year since I purchased your program, I can comfortably say that it has helped me gain the clarity to more than double my income.”


"Taking your courses has truly been like a rebirth experience. I've learned to focus better on the important stuff, and what gives leverage to my business and life.”


"It gave me a systematic step-by-step instruction and tools on how to improve my physiology and mental focus.”


"I can truly say that this is going to be one of the best years of my life both professionally (more money coming in and more projects being COMPLETED) and personally"


“Having studied and utilized several personal development programs, without question, yours has provided me the most impactful and measurable results toward becoming highly productive and confident on a consistent basis.”


"Completely transformed the way I approach my work and my life and it's made a profound contribution to my success.”


"I needed to hear this, at the point of starting I was lacking self-belief and beating myself up for a lack of results, but by the end, I not only had a belief in myself but a logical action plan to achieve what I knew I was capable of [...] the lessons are to the point and effective, Justin will have you motivated and inspired with every lecture."


"I've taken multiple courses from Justin and I am always amazed at the way the lectures flow and are taught. He points out blind spots in your thinking and gives you easy to apply tactics to produce results. Always very transformative."


"The Teacher will appear when the student is ready. Huge gratitude for this material [...] This gives you an understanding of self and how to grow and move forward. You will improve your view of self. Become more aware of what drives you and how to take a step back. Look at what you are doing that works and what doesn't work. Make adjustments and move forward."


"I just cannot express how impressed I am compared to any other course I have taken. Justin Quinton bats it out of the ball-park on every point."

Take 2X More Action In 3 Weeks

Or Get A Full Refund

100% Guarantee

Here's my guarantee: Participate fully in Action Accelerator. Watch each of the training and do the exercises.

If you aren’t completely satisfied by your results after 3 weeks, just show me your completed exercises - so I know you went through the program - and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Why would I offer a guarantee this strong, and let you go through the entire course at my risk?

Because I know the techniques in this program can change lives. It’s transformed my own life.

And if you’ll take action, it can change yours for the better too.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.