Imagine if you will...

that your brain is a computer, and your psychology is the operating system for that computer…

Within every OS there are a set of programs installed. These programs control how we use the OS and the computer. Now its these “programs” that control your emotions and behaviors, ability to spot opportunities, and purpose in life. These “programs” are your beliefs in life. But unlike real computers, most of us never pay attention to the "programs" we install into our personal psychology. Most of us just use the default beliefs, the default “programs” that come automatically with the computer. Or the ones installed by our societies, upbringing, and past experiences…

Now think of your best self...

What "programs" or beliefs would you need to have success? What could you achieve if you changed success sabotaging programs, and installed success inducing ones? Who could you become, if you had control over your psychology? What would be possible, if you could change your beliefs? Think of Actualize Academy as a new mental OS designed for success and personal development. This random collection of philosophies are the “programs” Actualize Academy students use to change their lives. Imagine having the intuition of knowing why you feel what you feel, and having that intuition guide you through life with more success. Be aware of the hypnosis your mind plays on you, so you can stop self-sabotaging, and start living a magic like life. This thought-provoking personal development course will help you:

  • Improve your self-awareness and motivation

  • Increase your emotional intelligence and personal development

  • Understand your psychology and meaning in life

  • Know Step By Step How To Take Complete Control Of Your Life

  • Spark your intuition and bring about more emotional based guidance

  • Understand the nature of personal development and success in life

  • Manage difficult conflicts and challenges with success

  • How to have persuasion over your psychology and mind

  • Learn advanced personal development philosophies

  • And more...

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    The Preparation for the Actualize Academy "Operating System"

    • Introduction

    • The Principles Of Personal Development

  • 2

    The "Programs" & Mental Tools For Personal Development

    • The Meaning Of Life

    • The 90:3 Rule

    • The Step By Step Guide To Controlling Your Life - The Hierarchy Of Improvement

    • How To Harness Your Motivation

    • The Nature Of Personal Development

    • Why You Cant Make Your Parnets Happy

    • Why We Struggle To Control Our Lives

    • How To Increase Self Awareness

    • How To Solve Any Emotional Problem - The State Based Solution

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Celeste Roman

Justin's deliverance of the content is aligned with how I like learning. I actually went through the course twice because I wanted to ensure I didn't miss anything. Justin's confidence approach is what I need in a teacher to help me model the behaviors​ I want for myself.


Panther Ressa

This guy is a God! I am just blown away. Not only is the delivery par none, (Justin is an excellent communicator, both verbally and non-verbally), the content is rich with in-depth explanations. Further, the videos are kept interesting with varied locations. I just cannot express how impressed I am compared to any other course I have taken. Justin Quinton bats it out of the ball-park on every point.


Olga Koleshchuk

I greatly enjoyed this course, it gave me answers to the questions that bothered me for a long time but stayed unanswered. Justin is fun, he speaks in easy to understand manner, and very knowledgeable.


Tom Reddy

Fantastic course! This really is a advanced personal development course, I had no idea what to expect but, just wow, this is a must for anyone serious about self-growth


Xiaowanzi xiao

I would imagine Justin be a really good coach based on this just one hour demonstrations of his expertise. His analysis of human physical, emotional, cognitive behaviors and their relationship inspires individuals to better relate and adapt themselves to. Good stuff.